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The trademark for Portugal and Brazil PÁDUA RAMOS
DESIGN® was recently created to edit and commercialize design
works of the architect Luis Pádua Ramos after his death in 2005.

PÁDUA RAMOS DESIGN® is owned by Pádua Ramos only
daughter, guarantee for the continuity of his philosophy.

Every object reproduced after his death is made by the same
craftsmen who worked with him which provides the same quality
and authenticity level.

Every object has a signature, a number and an authenticity

Each piece is hand made with special care, as a unique one, not
found in serial production.

All the pieces are protected at the Office for the Harmonization in
the Internal Market (OHIM) as community designs or models
registered under numbers 002036665; 002036749; 002037994;
002039966; 002098327; 002098350; 002098293; 002098426.

PÁDUA RAMOS DESIGN® aims at the promotion of a
vanguard work design, considering the time of the main objects –
80’s – a flourishing of modernity. There are lots of drawings
never been materialized.

The works of the Architect and the Designer Pádua Ramos result
from a long mature experience as an architect. There is a
symbiosis between the architecture itself and the details showned
by the recurring elements of Pádua Ramos design.
Impossible to distinguish from one another.

Pádua Ramos was a man of Art, a great antique art collector
mostly Indo-portuguese art, Art Nouveau and Art Déco.

PÁDUA RAMOS DESIGN® has published a book on Pádua
Ramos life and work. .

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